About Us

Art in Dimensions is an international platform to promote visual artists across the United States, South America and Europe.

ART IN DIMENSIONS is an international platform promoting the “ART WITHOUT BORDERS” working with artists, galleries and art organization from all over the world, being able to create and maintained a continued friendly and supportive collaboration exchange between our artists and artists across the United States, Europe, Middle East, North and South America.


With over 18 years of experience in this field and a passion for ARTS and its creators, we have both imaginative and commercial eye to identify outstanding talented painter – sculpture – photography artists and excellent art. Our artistic team is dedicated to produce interesting unique and compelling compositions, true masterpieces in their lifetime. It is the inspired human mind that turns a vision into a material substance and in turn-it is the engaged human mind that translate into an emotion substance.


Art in Dimensions and our artists friends around the world facilitate this connection from material to emotion, from artist to patron, maintaining an “on going” and “profound connection” between the artists and the art world figures, galleries, art institutions and those significant art lovers.


In the last 10 years, Art In Dimensions together with its artists had been among the first to introduce to our local public and continue to promote the “automotive art”, as an important “fine art” representational artistic form. Through their automotive art creations, they had brought to the public, in a visual manner the important momentum in “Automobile design evolution” and , the Grand Prix Race significant historic moments, thus paying a tribute to this sport (dating since 1909) and its drivers’ achievements over the years.


Currently, AID art liaisons are extended from Houston to UK, France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Middle East and South America. AID and its artist members are supporters of ” arts without borders” and take active part to local or international special projects.


We sincerely believe in making that profound connection between our artists and artists of the world, between the human activities’ achievements and art creation, between art and its patrons.

We look forward to continue maintaining this open dialog facilitating that experience for you as well.




Elina T. Htun -Founder/President-ART IN DIMENSIONS


It is the inspired human mind that turns a vision into a material substance and in turn it is the engaged human mind that translates it into an emotive substance.