Art in Dimensions’ consultants facilitate this connection from material to emotion, from artist to patron.We have a small portfolio of artist who we feel we can best represent as we’ve thoroughly reviewed their artistic background, range and level of skills, and exemplified drive and ambition.With over 18 years of experience in working with artists and galleries we have both an imaginative and commercial eye to identify outstanding talent and excellent art. For us, quality does matter, not quantity. Some of our artists produce only a few masterpieces in their lifetime. At times, it takes days, weeks, maybe even years, to create interesting and compelling compositions.

I so much appreciate your beautiful, inspirational spirit and loving support of the ARTS and Artists. Sending love and joy your way

Tess Nottebohm

We have been impressed with Art In Dimension's passion and dedication for arts

Barbara Thomson

Thank you for all the support you are offering to the art world


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